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UKTI actively support life science companies to boost export sales: so why aren’t you using them?

Melinda Higgins

Nov 9, 2012

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Author: Melinda Higgins

Melinda Higgins

Written by Mitzi Swanson

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is a department of the UK Government which helps UK-based companies succeed in the global economy. There are myriad of ways in which UKTI is helping life science companies to sell around the world; from access to potential grants to sourcing market research for individual countries to providing you with an export specialist (“International Trade Adviser”). A short list of the ways the UKTI can help you include:

Exhibition Support
UKTI’s Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) helps companies to promote their goods and services at trade fairs across the world. A list of the events TAP supports can be found here and individual funding for other trade fairs is also available. UKTI can provide funding up to £1,000 as part of the TAP service.

Market Research

The Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS) enables you to request a wide variety of information from our trade teams in 96 countries. This can include market intelligence, finding contacts, arranging programmes and product launches. There is currently an offer of 50% (up to £750) off a company’s first OMIS.

Passport to Export
Passport to Export, a 12 month flexible programme, helps new and inexperienced exporters to understand and target international customers. The package includes an Export Strategy Workshop, guidance from an experienced International Trade Adviser (ITA), and up to £1000 of matched funding. More information can be found on Passport to Export here.

Gateway to Global Growth
G3 is a 12 month programme for more experienced exporters, who can gain from an extensive range of guidance and support. The package includes mentoring from an experienced ITA, free places on a suite of one-day courses run by a leading business school and priority access to some funding for overseas visits. More information can be found on G3 here.

Market Visits
UKTI organise a range of accompanied Market Visits to destinations around the world. Groups are always led by experienced ITAs with knowledge of the market. Grants may be available to eligible companies.

International Information

Registering on our national website gives you access to a wide range of sector and market reports and other country information. In addition, you can register for Business Opportunities (free sales leads from UKTI offices worldwide) for markets of your choice.


Mitzi’s email address is Please contact her directly to find out more information about the UKTI and how it can help your company.

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