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Google Ads CTR: Three Ways to Improve Your Rate

Kristina Whitfield

Sep 25, 2019

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Google Ads is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform which allows you to design and create adverts for your products, services or other promotions.

Author: Kristina Whitfield Undertakes marketing activities for Pivotal Scientific and their clients.

Kristina Whitfield

What are ‘Google Ads’?

Google Ads is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform which allows you to design and create adverts for your products, services or other promotions. They are displayed either on the Google search results page, YouTube, Gmail or other affiliate marketing sites. And therefore, as the name suggests, you only pay when someone clicks on your advert providing you with your ‘impressions’ data when the ad is shown and ‘clicks’ data when it’s clicked.

What is a Google Ads CTR?

The best way to assess the success, retentiveness and quality of your ad is to analyse the Click-Through-Rate (CTR). CTR is calculated by clicks/impressions and what is deemed as a high CTR average in one industry, could be incredibly poor in another. According to the IBM 2018 Marketing Benchmark Report, the industry CTR average for health, hospitals and biotech is 1.2%, however for automotive & transportation the average is 5.9%. Taking this into consideration, we have compiled three top tips to help you increase your CTR from within the Biotech industry.

Tip One: Understand Your Audience

First and foremost, to create the most effective keywords and ads you must understand your audience and exactly what they are searching for. This includes abbreviations and industry jargon which could play a huge factor on your CTR. Due to the specificity of biotech keywords such as ‘antibodies’ or ‘proteins’, achieving a high CTR can become a very expensive process because the cost for bidding for these is increasing rapidly. Therefore, knowing exactly what your customers search for (such as searching for a specific brand of antibodies) means you can bid on keywords with a much lower cost, whilst keeping it specific enough to maintain a high Google Ads CTR.

Furthermore, understanding who is searching for what and when has a huge impact on CTR. If you know your primary customers will be searching for your products Monday to Friday, then set the schedule for the ads to only appear in this timeframe! Displaying your ad at a time where none of your customers will be searching leaves your ad vulnerable to higher impressions with no clicks therefore, reducing your CTR.

Tip Two: Compelling Ad Copy

Writing compelling ad copy for an ad is far easier said than done! However, we have a few tips to follow in order to make this procedure as simplistic as possible whilst reaping the greatest CTR. First of all, you need to understand the customers’ journey from search query, to reading the ad copy, to the landing page.

A good place to start is to use your keywords from the ad group in question, which should also appear on your landing page and use these as the basis for your copy. You will then need a call-to-action such as ‘Buy Yours Today’ ‘Click Here for Your Copy’ or ‘Learn More’. Furthermore, use symbols such as Trademark (™ / ®) or Copyright (©), if applicable, to add authenticity to your ad!

Finally, a good idea is to analyse how your competitors are executing this and figure out a way you can improve on their copy.

Tip Three: Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions, as the name suggests, are add-on extension buttons to your ad. These come in a variety of different formats, with the most popular types being sitelink extensions and call extensions. If used properly, these can dramatically increase your Google Ads CTR.

Both of these extensions provide alternative channels for the end user to find an answer to their query.  Therefore, instead of leaving the ad impression unclicked to find information elsewhere, a sitelink extension such as ‘View All Our Antibodies’ will encourage ad clicks. Therefore, your ad will maintain a high click through rate.

Additionally, call extensions are a brilliant way of encouraging potential customers to call and discuss their query to end their online search. Make it clear that by calling, your team will provide free support which in turn, adds value to your business as a whole.

How Can We Help?

The Pivotal Scientific marketing team are on hand to help with Google Ads and have a previous track record of successfully driving sales thorough Google Ads. With trained specialists on the team, PSL offer a variety of different Google Ads services; from the initial set up and complete maintenance to inheriting an already functioning account and implementing strategic improvements.

Please get in touch with Georgie Grimsey should you wish to discuss growing your sales and brand awareness through the use of Google Ads.

Written by Georgie Grimsey, Marketing Assistant

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